Shipping A Vintage Car

When you have a vintage or a classic car, you will want to transport it safely without making it into a pile of junk metal. There are many things to consider while transporting a vintage car but not all of them might be good.  You will have to choose wisely so that the car will be transported safely and you will be able to relax during the shipment.


Choosing the Right Kind of Insurance

Damages occurring to cars during transportation are very rare and it has been estimated that less than 5% actually get damaged enough to file for claims. Auto transportation companies will provide adequate protection for the vehicle so that it will be safe during transit but it is still wise to go in for the best insurance. Most companies will provide a basic minimum coverage for all kinds of vehicles but the car in question happens to be old and precious, at least in your sight. So go through the minimum insurance to see whether minimum coverage is enough. Otherwise you might have to take additional coverage that will cover your car adequately.


Points to Consider While Choosing Your Insurance

You can ask your auto transportation company to explain to you about the insurance that they provide by asking them the following questions. You can also check with your home policy to see whether the additional coverage that you require is provided by it.


  • Does the insurance have a deductible?
  • Is there a limit for the coverage?
  • What type of damages does the insurance cover?
  • Does the insurance cover the whole car or only parts of it?
  • Will the insurance cover any personal items that are kept inside the car?
  • What are the various other additional insurance coverage options that are available?
  • Can you buy them through the auto transport company or do you have to go your insurance company for it?


Use a Company that has Experience in Moving Collector Vehicles

Ask whether the company has experience in moving collector vehicles and even if they might be more expensive than other companies, it may be worth the price as they will know exactly how to get your car moved. Such companies will take premium care of your car and will take extra measures to ensure that the chassis of the car does not get damaged during transit by securing it down with straps or nets. They will even have special features that takes care of low ground clearance and can fit cars that are of any shape, length, width or height.


Storing Temporarily

In case, you are going abroad for a relatively short period of time or only for a few years, it would make sense to store your car temporarily. It would save you the cost of transportation and your vintage car might not be suitable for foreign roads. Your car would be sitting idly but safely till you come back. There are a lot of storage options like units that can control the temperature for your car so that the insides of the car are kept in good condition or storage units that keep pests and rodents out.  They may be a little bit more expensive than basic storage units but they are worth the cost.


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