How to Transport Vehicles Safely

It’s time to move and you are worried about transporting your expensive car all the way across the country. It is natural to feel worried and tense as even a little mistake can mean a costly dent.  So here are a few tips on how to transport your vehicle safely.


Moving Your Vehicle in the Correct Way

The correct way for you may not be the correct way for everyone else. Some find that moving their car along with their household items will get their car safely around the country. However, this is an expensive option as movers will charge as per weight and volume and cars happen to be quite heavy. You will end up paying through your nose but the car will be secured down well. So the other option is to go to an auto transport company and get them to move the car for you.


Choosing the Right Kind of Company

There is a tough competition out there with companies trying to outbid one another. However, it is not advisable for the customer to go in for the lowest quote. Some companies will offer you the lowest rate simply because they are probably hiring cheap, unqualified and inexperienced men to do the job. So going in for the lowest quote might not be the best option. It is better to pay a little more for professional services and get your car in one piece rather than going in for a cheaper service and getting your car back to you with a lot of dents and scratches.


Choosing the Right Kind of Moving Vehicle

You can choose an open one or a closed one depending upon the make and age of your vehicle. If your car happens to be brand new or expensive, you will want to get it transported without it getting exposed to climatic conditions and dust. Enclosed containers might be want you will want but they are more expensive than open carriers. However, if your car is not in a running condition, open trailers may not be the best option as they do not have equipment to load them. So loading an inoperable car onto an open carrier might become expensive.


Don’t Leave Personal Items in the Car

While the auto transport company will take care of the car while in transit, it is mainly up to you to get the car ready for the trip. Try not to leave any of your personal items in the car even though the car will be taken care of well during the journey. The personal items may not be covered under the auto transit insurance that the company may provide and it is also unlikely that your personal car insurance policy will also cover it. Moreover, personal items will add weight to your car and that may increase the cost of transportation.


Time to Move

Now that you have covered the basics and are sure that your car will be safely transported, it is time to get your papers in order. This will ensure a smooth transport and peace of mind for you. Keep checking with the transportation company about the whereabouts of your car as these days almost all companies use a tracking system.

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