How to Choose Insurance While Transporting Your Vehicle

There are many kinds of auto insurance that are available but it is up to you to choose the one that you think is best for you. The auto transport company will be able to guide you but it is your vehicle and so you must go know all about auto insurances before you buy one. Also the auto transport company will provide all customers with basic insurance and you can opt to buy extra ones to give you more protection.  The quotes and conditions may vary depending upon the state you are in and the destination.


Read the Policy

Basically you will need insurance for your vehicle even if it is just sitting in the carrier and not being driven. It will be treated just like any other expensive cargo and so is necessary that you get the right insurance. To know whether you are being handed the right one, it is necessary to read it yourself and not just go by what the transportation company says. Also ask for a copy that you can take back home to verify it with your insurance agent. In case, the company is unwilling to give you a copy before you hire them, then chances are that they are not a genuine company.


Ask Questions

There is no harm in asking a lot of questions and if the company is unwilling to answer them, then that is an indication for you to look out for another one. Some of the questions that you can ask the auto transport company are –

–          Will the insurance provided by the company be primary or secondary to your own car insurance policy? You can also check with your own insurance agent about your car insurance policy.

–          Will they insure personal items that you leave in the car during transit? Generally it is recommended that you do not leave personal items in the car but sometimes it could be unavoidable or simply convenient.

–          Is the company a broker firm or a transportation company? This question is vital as brokers usually do not deal with matters such as insurance because they are not the service providers.


Understanding Various Options

Different companies will offer different rates for the same kind of insurance and so it would be a wise move to get quotes from several companies. Compare the rates along with the services provided and then choose the least expensive one. it is not going to matter much when choosing insurance but compare the rates for services provided as well for it might not be a good idea to choose the cheap one. Since auto transport companies are required to have liability coverage for all their cargo, get it down in writing that they will take responsibility for any damages occurred during transit.


Getting the Best

The auto transportation company will try to give you the best option based on your budget, the volume and weight of the cargo and the value of the car. After you have evaluated all the options you will find it easy to figure out the best option for your car.

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