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How to Choose Insurance While Transporting Your Vehicle

There are many kinds of auto insurance that are available but it is up to you to choose the one that you think is best for you. The auto transport company will be able to guide you but it is your vehicle and so you must go know all about auto insurances before you buy one. Also the auto transport company will provide all customers with basic insurance and you can opt to buy extra ones to give you more protection.  The quotes and conditions may vary depending upon the state you are in and the destination.


Read the Policy

Basically you will need insurance for your vehicle even if it is just sitting in the carrier and not being driven. It will be treated just like any other expensive cargo and so is necessary that you get the right insurance. To know whether you are being handed the right one, it is necessary to read it yourself and not just go by what the transportation company says. Also ask for a copy that you can take back home to verify it with your insurance agent. In case, the company is unwilling to give you a copy before you hire them, then chances are that they are not a genuine company.


Ask Questions

There is no harm in asking a lot of questions and if the company is unwilling to answer them, then that is an indication for you to look out for another one. Some of the questions that you can ask the auto transport company are –

–          Will the insurance provided by the company be primary or secondary to your own car insurance policy? You can also check with your own insurance agent about your car insurance policy.

–          Will they insure personal items that you leave in the car during transit? Generally it is recommended that you do not leave personal items in the car but sometimes it could be unavoidable or simply convenient.

–          Is the company a broker firm or a transportation company? This question is vital as brokers usually do not deal with matters such as insurance because they are not the service providers.


Understanding Various Options

Different companies will offer different rates for the same kind of insurance and so it would be a wise move to get quotes from several companies. Compare the rates along with the services provided and then choose the least expensive one. it is not going to matter much when choosing insurance but compare the rates for services provided as well for it might not be a good idea to choose the cheap one. Since auto transport companies are required to have liability coverage for all their cargo, get it down in writing that they will take responsibility for any damages occurred during transit.


Getting the Best

The auto transportation company will try to give you the best option based on your budget, the volume and weight of the cargo and the value of the car. After you have evaluated all the options you will find it easy to figure out the best option for your car.

Shipping A Vintage Car

When you have a vintage or a classic car, you will want to transport it safely without making it into a pile of junk metal. There are many things to consider while transporting a vintage car but not all of them might be good.  You will have to choose wisely so that the car will be transported safely and you will be able to relax during the shipment.


Choosing the Right Kind of Insurance

Damages occurring to cars during transportation are very rare and it has been estimated that less than 5% actually get damaged enough to file for claims. Auto transportation companies will provide adequate protection for the vehicle so that it will be safe during transit but it is still wise to go in for the best insurance. Most companies will provide a basic minimum coverage for all kinds of vehicles but the car in question happens to be old and precious, at least in your sight. So go through the minimum insurance to see whether minimum coverage is enough. Otherwise you might have to take additional coverage that will cover your car adequately.


Points to Consider While Choosing Your Insurance

You can ask your auto transportation company to explain to you about the insurance that they provide by asking them the following questions. You can also check with your home policy to see whether the additional coverage that you require is provided by it.


  • Does the insurance have a deductible?
  • Is there a limit for the coverage?
  • What type of damages does the insurance cover?
  • Does the insurance cover the whole car or only parts of it?
  • Will the insurance cover any personal items that are kept inside the car?
  • What are the various other additional insurance coverage options that are available?
  • Can you buy them through the auto transport company or do you have to go your insurance company for it?


Use a Company that has Experience in Moving Collector Vehicles

Ask whether the company has experience in moving collector vehicles and even if they might be more expensive than other companies, it may be worth the price as they will know exactly how to get your car moved. Such companies will take premium care of your car and will take extra measures to ensure that the chassis of the car does not get damaged during transit by securing it down with straps or nets. They will even have special features that takes care of low ground clearance and can fit cars that are of any shape, length, width or height.


Storing Temporarily

In case, you are going abroad for a relatively short period of time or only for a few years, it would make sense to store your car temporarily. It would save you the cost of transportation and your vintage car might not be suitable for foreign roads. Your car would be sitting idly but safely till you come back. There are a lot of storage options like units that can control the temperature for your car so that the insides of the car are kept in good condition or storage units that keep pests and rodents out.  They may be a little bit more expensive than basic storage units but they are worth the cost.


How to Transport Vehicles Safely

It’s time to move and you are worried about transporting your expensive car all the way across the country. It is natural to feel worried and tense as even a little mistake can mean a costly dent.  So here are a few tips on how to transport your vehicle safely.


Moving Your Vehicle in the Correct Way

The correct way for you may not be the correct way for everyone else. Some find that moving their car along with their household items will get their car safely around the country. However, this is an expensive option as movers will charge as per weight and volume and cars happen to be quite heavy. You will end up paying through your nose but the car will be secured down well. So the other option is to go to an auto transport company and get them to move the car for you.


Choosing the Right Kind of Company

There is a tough competition out there with companies trying to outbid one another. However, it is not advisable for the customer to go in for the lowest quote. Some companies will offer you the lowest rate simply because they are probably hiring cheap, unqualified and inexperienced men to do the job. So going in for the lowest quote might not be the best option. It is better to pay a little more for professional services and get your car in one piece rather than going in for a cheaper service and getting your car back to you with a lot of dents and scratches.


Choosing the Right Kind of Moving Vehicle

You can choose an open one or a closed one depending upon the make and age of your vehicle. If your car happens to be brand new or expensive, you will want to get it transported without it getting exposed to climatic conditions and dust. Enclosed containers might be want you will want but they are more expensive than open carriers. However, if your car is not in a running condition, open trailers may not be the best option as they do not have equipment to load them. So loading an inoperable car onto an open carrier might become expensive.


Don’t Leave Personal Items in the Car

While the auto transport company will take care of the car while in transit, it is mainly up to you to get the car ready for the trip. Try not to leave any of your personal items in the car even though the car will be taken care of well during the journey. The personal items may not be covered under the auto transit insurance that the company may provide and it is also unlikely that your personal car insurance policy will also cover it. Moreover, personal items will add weight to your car and that may increase the cost of transportation.


Time to Move

Now that you have covered the basics and are sure that your car will be safely transported, it is time to get your papers in order. This will ensure a smooth transport and peace of mind for you. Keep checking with the transportation company about the whereabouts of your car as these days almost all companies use a tracking system.

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